Staff Development

  • Is your role staff and leadership development?
  • Are you looking for a ‘people-skills’ course that will improve self and social awareness in your staff?
  • Is it important that the training you offer your staff is robust and rigorous, founded in existing and on going research?
  • Do you want these skills to be sustainable – not techniques to be adopted, but values and attitudes that can be harnessed?
  • Would you like a workshop that is interactive, inclusive and gives your staff an opportunity to learn about themselves and each other in a challenging and supportive environment?
  • Would you like the training that you offer your staff to be directly linked to the context of your workplace, to ensure that it’s relevant and realistic?

When I was a Staff Developer, these are the questions I asked Freelance trainers.  I have designed and delivered hundreds of people skills workshops for many organisations, some of which are listed below.  If you don’t see what you want, give me a call.

Emotional Intelligence – 2 days

Having emotional intelligence (EI) means that you are aware of and can manage what is going on inside you, whilst appropriately using what is going on in/between other people.  Read more

Teaching with Emotional Intelligence – 1 day

This interactive session invites participants to explore, understand implement emtional intelligence within their teaching roles to enhance the experience for both student and teacher.  Read more

Parent Effectivness Training – 8 x 3hr

We believe this set of workshops provides hugely useful skills for parents; and whilst the benefits will be clearly seen within the family home, the impact for your organisation will be tremendous.  Read more

An Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – 1 day

An opportunity to explore the basics of NLP in the context of communication and how we might adapt this (with integrity) to increase rapport, gain understanding and influence more effectively. Read more

Group Facilitation Skills – 1 day

Learn how to create an environment where individuals feel able to contribute ideas; where they feel safe enough to take risks; and where space is shared equally (rather than dominated by the few).  Read more

Aspiring Leaders – 2 days

Using an Emotional Intelligence framework, these workshops will allow participants to explore Personal and Social Competences, in the context of leading themselves and others. Read more

Effective Communication Skills – 4 hrs

Learn how to prepare for active listening (being present); notice what might get in the way of hearing; use empathy and acceptance; and find new ways to communicate in challenging situations.  Read more

Active Listening Skills – 1 day or 3x2hr sessions

Practice active listening skills – listening to others so they feel heard and understood; and responding skills – putting a point across,responsibly, and in a respectful and open way.  Read more

Groupworking Skills – 3 hrs

For people who need to increase their confidence in groups, exploring what they can contribute that will make the experience more effective for them and the group itself.  Read more

Change Resilience – 1 day

Simple processes, techniques and tools that we can all use to make managing the change, and our response to it, more effective.  Read more

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