Practical Parenting Skills

f0c3a4e807d8f4720616820512f9464b-jpg-300x300Practical Parenting Skills for Parents and Carers of Toddlers to Teens

  • Is the school run a race against time?  Are bedtimes a nightmare?  Is the dinner table a battle ground?  Are you finding it hard to relate to your teen?  Do you sometimes give in, to get on?  Do you find yourself reacting, rather than responding?
  • Quality time with your family can often be taken over by tantrums and misunderstandings; and you may find yourself shouting, nagging, giving in, giving up or forcing obedience.   These may be solutions that work in the short term; and they often breed resentment, rarely achieve the desired result and come at a cost to the relationship between you and your child.  There is another way.
  • Practical Parenting Skills offers an option where the underlying belief is that parent and child deserve respect and understanding in the relationship.  Each has valid needs that can be met by the other; and each can grow alongside the other whilst maintaining their separateness.  Through using a very specific set of communications skills, developed by Dr Thomas Gordon (Parent Effectiveness Training) and rooted in the work of Dr Carl Rogers (Person Centred Approach), we will show you how.
  • These are evidence-based skills for win/win outcomes; because your family are different people, together
  • Reasons why parents/carers choose to do our Workshops.

EVENINGS (18.00-21.30)

APR/MAY Tuesdays, 25 Apr; 2, 9, 16, 23 May

JUN/JUL Wednesdays 7, 14, 21, 28 June; 5 Jul

SEP/OCT Tuesdays, 19, 26 Sept; 3, 10, 17 Oct

OCT/NOV Tuesdays, 31 Oct; 7, 14, 21, 28 Nov 

MORNINGS (09.30-13.00)

JUN/JUL Tuesdays 13, 20, 27 Jun; 4, 11 Jul

SEP/OCT Wednesdays, 20, 27 Sept; 4, 11, 18 Oct

NOV Wednesdays 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 Nov


Central Norwich (details provided when you indicate which course you want to join and when final numbers are confirmed)

Workshop 1: Practical Tips for a Peaceful Family
  • How to identify (and link) behaviour with needs
  • Exploring your line of what you believe to be acceptable behaviour
  • How to let your children know what your line of acceptable behaviour is (before they reach it)
  • The three kinds of time every family needs and how to provide it
  • How to set up an environment that has less nagging & shouting
  • How to give ‘no strings attached’ praise, which will encourage cooperative behaviours
  • What you can do when your line of accepable behaviour is crossed (W2-5 in a nutshell)
Workshop 2: How to Listen, so your Children will talk
  • Understand how the quality of your listening impacts your relationships
  • How to know if your child has a problem and whether he/she wants your help
  • How to know when your child is ready to talk to you and when you are ready to listen to them
  • How to be congruent (authentic) in your listening
  • How to use Active Listening Skills
  • How to support your child to find his/her solution (without jumping in and providing it for them)
  • How to help when your child is overwhelmed with strong emotions (melt downs/tantrums)
Workshop 3: How to Talk, so your Children will listen
  • Understand confrontation and effective communication
  • Explore the consequences of using power and/or submission to get what you want
  • How to identify when you have a problem; and how you can ask your child to help you
  • How to speak up, without starting a battle, using clear messages that will be understood
  • How to talk to your child about his/her behaviour so they will want to change it
  • How to turn your child’s defensiveness into cooperation
Workshop 4: Resolving Conflict: Sleep to Screen
  • What you can do when there is conflict
  • How to start a difficult conversation
  • How to use the win/win resolution method
  • How to find out what everyone (including you) needs, rather than arguing over one solution
  • How to motivate and support your children to be creative problem solvers
  • How to make rules that work, together
Workshop 5: Dealing with Arguments in the Family
  • How to mediate conflict resolution, without taking sides
  • How to help remove domination/submission between family members, through effective communication
  • How to improve the relationships in your family, through mutual respect for difference
  • Understand your values and know what to do when there is a values collision
  • How to be hired by your child, as a ‘consultant’; and how not to be fired!

We can provide these workshops at your School/Organisation (min 10, max 16), if you would like this please click here.


£185 for 5 x workshops, including workbook and textbook.

This course is the best present you could ever buy for your children. I feel confident that it will keep on giving and never devalue. By taking this course I have profoundly changed the way I parent and I cannot recommend it enough.   Lisa Walpole

Or you can try before you buy:

Enrol on Workshop 1 for £25 and then take Workshops 2-5 for £165, to include workbook, text book and admin fee. (Instalments available)

Refresher Courses:

Graduates of the full set of 5 workshops can join any workshop independently as a ‘refresher’ for £40 each.

Ask your school if you have difficulty paying, there may be funding opportunities.

Certificate of Completion

Once you have completed all 5 workshops (and the homework in between), we will provide you with a Certificate of Completion, endorsed by Gordon Training International, the overseeing body of Parent Effectiveness Training.  This can be used as part of your Continuing Professional Development; and will be a valuable addition to any CV that focusses on working with children.


Your group will be facilitated by Andrea Rippon and/or Muur Roberts (depending on group number).  It will include tutor led discussion, interactive exercises, self-reflection; and, in between sessions,  completing exercises in the Participant Workbook , practice and observation of skills used in the home and further reading of core text.   We will be encouraging you to continue supporting each other, through our Facebook page, after the course has finished.  This will provide you with a valuable ongoing resource, if you choose to take it.


Please check out our Facebook Page for reviews (and ‘like’ us while you’re there, for interesting articles/dates of future Workshops, etc).

There is a happier atmosphere in our home.

I feel more engaged with my teenagers. … knowing how I can respond to my children in difficult situations is enormously helpful

I think it is fantastic. I am better at communicating with my children. … My youngest has started talking more about how he feels about things. He now comes up with solutions to problems

Very glad I have taken it. Have learnt valuable skills to use when dealing with my children (big and small) and skills are transferrable to other parts of life/ situations

The course has helped me tremendously with feeling more equipped and able as a parent

I have learnt some brilliant new skills and totally transformed the way in which I approach my family.

I find it better, because you get a chance to speak. It’s less shouty and a better way of sorting things out (8 year old)

It has helped in more areas of my life than just parenting my daughters. Work, family, marriage have all benefited

Very informative and thought provoking, we have a much calmer household now (Childminder)


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