Why should you offer this course to your school or organisation?

Why Host this course for your Parents/Carers?

Benefits in the family home:

  1. Parents will have a method for troubleshooting family problems and knowing which skills to use, to resolve them. They will learn how to communicate clearly so that they can work with their family instead of against them.
  2. Children will feel free to discuss their problems and concerns with parents instead of withdrawing/losing their temper. They will learn to be problem-solvers, gaining in self-discipline, self-regulation and a sense of personal responsibility.
  3. Everyone can participate in solving problems, making decisions and rule-setting which means everyone will feel motivated to comply.
  4. There will be fewer power struggles – less tension, less resentment, less angry outbursts.
  5. There will be more fun, more harmony and more love. Relationships will be stronger, more respectful and more sustainable.

Benefits to your organisation:

  1. By providing this for the parents in your organisation, you gift them something that is more important than anything they will ever get from work.  If you pay for it, then you demonstrate a very tangible contribution to them and their wellbeing.
  2. Parents’ stress will be reduced as relationships at home improve, which will mean that absenteeism and presenteeism (working, whilst sick) will decrease.
  3. By modelling these communication skills with their children, Parents will transfer them across to all their relationships, including work.   The Practical Parenting Skills communication model is based on Thomas Gordon’s Leadership Model, which means the skills are completely relevant in the workplace.  This may be the way to attract hard-to-reach staff towards ‘soft skills’ training.

Benefits to Primary/Secondary Schools

  1. Active Listening supports a child at times of stress, friendship issues, mood swings and managing change. It encourages the child to find their own solution and develops them to become an independent problem solver. This means that students will be more settled and better focused in class and exams, which in turn will improve behaviour and attainment.
  2. Parents/carers will learn how to talk to their child using I-messages, which will enable a closer and mutually respectful relationship between them both. By modelling this communication skill, children will learn how to build better relationships with their peers, which will increase self-esteem.  In school the child will feel more confident about trying new things, more self-assured and able to contribute to the school community.
  3. Parents/carers will learn how to support problem solving in all areas of their child’s school/social life, including dealing with conflict, rule setting and self-direction. This will mean students come to school prepared and ready to learn.  Creative problem solving skills will also teach the child to find their voice (and their potential), encouraging participation and showing them how to contribute towards team activities.
  4. Colliding values are inevitable and we will teach parents/carers how to be ‘hired as consultant’ to their children, using influence rather than imposing their will on the child. At school this will mean students are less likely to engage in risky behaviours, bullying, truancy and self-destructive behaviour or habits.

Terms and Conditions:


You will provide dates that a venue will be available to run 8 x 3hr workshops.  We require tables in ‘Cabaret’ style, with a chair for each participant; and a Flipchart stand with paper/pens).

Minimum/Maximum Numbers



We are happy to help you with advertising the Workshops

  • Inclusion in your newsletter/flyers/website: we will supply you with some text and our preferred contact details so that parents/carers can contact us directly if required.
  • Practical Parenting Skills Stand at Host’s Open Evening/Fete/other: Please provide us with a table and chair at the Event, along with dates/times that a venue will be available to run 8 x 3hr workshops.  We will collect a list of interested parents, who we will contact directly, after the Event.
  • Other: let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.

Enrolment and Invoicing

Once interest has been established, parents will be invoiced at £185 per person.  If you are subsidising their fee, please advise us of the amount we need to invoice.  If you are subsidising the full amount, then we will invoice you.


If the minimum number is not met, we will cancel Practical Parenting Skills; and we will offer parents/carers a place on the series of our Open Access Workshops.  If they are unable to take this up, all fees paid will be returned.  Parents will be notified within 1 week of the starting date of the first session.  Parents who cancel their place will get a full refund if they inform Andrea Rippon by email, within 30 days before the course starts.  After this period, no monies will be refunded but a place on an alternative Workshop will be offered.  If the parent misses a workshop, an alternative may be offered for free at the Tutor’s discretion; or the participant may be asked to pay a further fee of £40 per workshop.


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