Personal Development Group

What is it?

This group is for people, who like to be with other people.  Personal Development Groups are safe places where you can reflect on who you are, what you do and why you do it; in the company of others.  It’s a time to take stock – to appreciate what you have; and check to see if anything is missing.  There will be a theme to each day; so the structure will be there, but it will be light.  Themes, in the past, have included authenticity, choices, loss, isolation, time and identity.

Personal Development Groups are co-facilitated.  Andrea works with Jenny Holland to create a space that feels safe, where experiences can be shared and heard.  We use a creative approach; and support and challenge one another, with empathy and respect.


A Personal Development Group (Ditchingham: Norfolk)

Why be part of a Personal Development Group?

You can explore:

  • what’s behind the area you want to examine.
  • how we might judge ourselves and each other.
  • what we might not understand about ourselves and each other.
  • your sensory perspective and consider how you might use these important messages.
  • beyond intellect, reconnecting with your body’s wisdom.

Next steps

To join in the next group, email me with your name, address and mobile phone number.   Prices are dependent on group numbers, but will cost no more than £40 per person, for the full day.    The venue will be in Central Norwich; and participants will bring their own lunch.  The minimum group number is 8; and the maximum is 16 people.  We will start at 10am and finish at 4pm.

The 25 hour Introduction to Counselling Skills course, which you can enrol for now,  includes one full day devoted to Personal Development. The focus on this day is, ‘Your Timeline – significant people/events that have shaped the person you are today’.  The maximum group number is 8.

Please note that these groups are not suitable for those wanting to explore deep personal issues, or who may already feel that they are emotionally stretched.  One to one counselling might be more appropriate for this.

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