• Are you looking for someone to facilitate your Group, so that you can participate as an equal member rather than taking on the dual role of participant/facilitator?
  • Do you need a group where people feel safe enough to express themselves, whilst respectfully listening to opposing views from others?
  • Would you like to utilise the creative potential of your group – to see where it might take you?
  • Can you use your group to increase understanding and promote action?

Why have an external Facilitator?

To create an environment where individuals feel able to contribute original ideas; where they feel safe enough to take risks; where space is shared equally (rather than dominated by the few).  All this requires the skills of a good facilitator; and being neutral, I’m more likely to ask those difficult questions that others are avoiding.

None of us is as smart as all of us.

A Facilitator ‘holds’ the group, encouraging movement and energy so that participants feel free to speak, listen, support and challenge.  It’s an interesting group to be in.

The Facilitator uses skills that allow the group to be self-directing and self-managing; and this will encourage feelings of empowerment and ownership amongst participants.  It’s a group that likes to get on with it.

It’s the group’s energy that motivates and engages individuals; and encourages them to collaborate both inside and outside the group.  It’s a group that lasts, even when the day is over.  Here are some options:

Action Learning Set – Set of 6+

Action Learning is an approach to solving real problems that involves taking action and reflecting upon the results.  Put simply, it is about getting things done.  Read More

Appreciative Inquiry Group – 1 day+

Doing more of what works is the key driver for Appreciative Inquiry, as opposed to trying to do less of what we know doesn’t work.  Acting from this assumption makes it more likely that we will find what works.  Read more

Personal Development Group – 1 day/Half day

These are safe places where you can reflect on who you are, what you do and why you do it; in the company of others.  Themes, in the past, have included authenticity, choices, loss, isolation, time and identity.  Read more

Encounter Group – 1 day

The aim of an encounter group is to work with a group in a direct and undefended way.  It explicitly suggests that the encounter with one’s own real self is just as important as the encounter with other people.  Read more

Feedback on the Facilitator

See the Recommendations on my Linked In profile for feedback on my style of facilitation.

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