Counselling Skills & Theory

  • Are you interested in working on your Personal Development, so that you can better understand yourself and others?
  • Are you interested in learning how to actively listen to the people that are important to you?
  • Have you been referred here by your workplace – to learn the skills that counsellors use so that you can enhance your primary role of support worker, carer, befriender, etc?
  • Do you want to train to become a fully  qualified Counsellor?  Perhaps you’ve been referred to me by The Norwich Centre, to complete the compulsory Introduction to Counselling Skills course. 

To be a great Person Centred listener, you need to be self aware

By understanding who you are, you are more likely to be genuine and authentic with others.  This will help you listen to someone else as a separate unique person; where you will be less inclined to see their problems through your own eyes (identification); and you’ll hold back on offering solutions or giving advice (taking responsibility for them). The therapeutic value of talking is that the speaker hears themselves. 

This encourages a greater sense of self acceptance and trust, through knowing that they can make choices that feel right for them at the time.   They can begin to take responsibility for themselves and, as confidence grows, constructive change can occur.  Your work, as the listener, is to know how to consistently provide an environment that makes this journey possible.  A knowledge of Counselling Skills and Person Centred Theory enhances a primary role – so anyone who works with people where ‘the relationship’ is important will find these courses of value. 

Introduction to Counselling Skills – 25 hrs (How to Listen)

This introductory course teaches you how to be with someone in a way that meets the Six Necessary and Sufficient Conditions of Therapeutic Personality Change.  You will learn how to provide someone with an environment of genuine non-judgmental understanding, so that they can find their own solutions.  Read more

Introduction to Person Centred Theory – 20 hrs (How to be congruent)

The Introduction to Person Centred Theory course (20 hrs) will explore Carl Rogers’ Theory of Personality.  We will break Personality into two parts – the part we are born with and the part that is constructed over time, in response to the messages given to us by our significant others (parents, carers, peers, etc).    Using different exercises, we will explore Rogers’ concepts, including:   Read more

Shed Works – 3 hrs (Personal Development Group)

This is an open invitation to anyone who has attended the Introduction to Counselling Skills or Theory courses to join me for a half day Personal Development Group.  It is also open to those who have experience of working with and using Person Centred Counselling Skills/Practice (at Introductory level and above) from other organisations.  Read more

Why study Person Centred Counselling Skills & Theory with me?

I’ve been facilitating Person Centred Counselling Skills and Theory courses in Norwich for over 15 years.  This includes being a Course Director of the Certificate in Counselling Skills at UEA, for 10 years.

I specialise in:

  • Small groups (max 8 people)
  • Research led Teaching
  • Experienced Facilitation

Grounded in Carl Rogers’ Person Centred Approach, these courses are structured to be rich in learning opportunities.  My experience in facilitation ensures a safe environment where you can work on your self awareness and practical listening skills.  Everyone works at their own pace; using what they know about themselves and exploring how this might fit with Rogers’ theory.

You will be amongst supportive and like minded people; discovering who are you are now and how you listen to others.  I believe that everyone has something to gain from doing these courses and my teaching style ensures that no one is left behind.

Each Introduction course is equivalent to a 10 credit Level 1 University level unit; or NVQ Level 4.

There are lots of practical exercises and you should expect to talk about yourself as well as listen to others. Past students talk of light bulb moments that can often change their lives. Please note that these courses are not suitable for those wanting to explore deep personal issues, or who may already feel that they are emotionally stretched.

Students who did the Person Centred Counselling Skills & Theory with me, said:

In this short space of time I can see many professional and personal applications, especially with those who tend to ‘lean on me’ for emotional support. The person centred approach will enable me to be alongside the other person, but not be exhausted by them. This is a valuable and amazingly empowering working tool which I hope I can develop and use to positive effect.

I have recently completed the Person Centred Skills and Theory courses and I wanted to give a short outline of my experience of them. My first sense would simply be ‘wow’! The courses are immensely powerful, a revelation in many ways. I found the theory and the practice profound.  Whilst I could say that the courses are not for the ‘faint-hearted’, they are so very much for those who seek personal development and a desire to enquire more fully into the workings of the self.  After completing both courses, I believe I have a greater understanding and acceptance of myself and of others. Andrea’s teaching style is so incredibly person-centred, it absolutely worked for me.

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