Coaching Conversation with Project Manager – Commercial Sector

Coaching Conversation: 6 x 1hr sessions (completed)

What is your favourite line from a film?

I had a farm in Africa……’  –  Out of Africa. It sends shivers down my spine

Who regularly makes you laugh and why?

The grown-ups on ‘You’ve been framed’ who act like children and show that having fun doesn’t always have to be sensible……

If you could choose 3 people you’d have dinner with (dead or alive), who would you invite?

Eric Morecambe, David Attenborough and Prince Charles

What’s your funniest (clean) joke?

Why are there no aspirins in the jungle? Because the parrots eat ‘em all….. (geddit? The bad ones are the best…)

What’s on your desk right now?

A mug, tea bag, hand cream, glasses case, graze box, notepad, pens and pen holder, desk phone and mobile phone. Oh, and the computer!!

A complicated web (Photo: Andrea Rippon, Norwich)

A complicated web (Photo: Andrea Rippon, Norwich)

What’s your proudest moment?

Getting a job a hundred other people wanted….

What’s your most challenging moment?

I think I’ve been going through it for the last 10 months!

What helps you through the difficult bits?

Friends, yoga, quietness and the outdoors.

If your coaching experience was a journey, how would you describe it?

Andrea understood my predicament immediately and validated my feelings, agreeing that I was, indeed, in a really tricky situation.  Her insightfulness helped me see that I was not to blame and that powerful external forces were at work that impacted significantly on me. It helped me retain my sanity even though I didn’t get the outcome I wanted from the situation.

Rainbow within a storm (Photo: Andrea Rippon, Mundesley, Norfolk)

Rainbow within a storm (Photo: Andrea Rippon, Mundesley, Norfolk)

What do you see as being your milestones (major insights or breakthroughs) on that journey?

Realising that it would be tough for anyone in my position. Helping me to understand exactly how I felt even if I didn’t have a solution to the problem right now. It brought things down to a pragmatic but personal level where I could consider my options and think about what would be best for me in a really tough situation.

Did anything happen, that surprised you; and what was it?

Someone could see I was at the wrong end of a tough situation and didn’t blame me for being there.

What part did Andrea play?

She was very good at listening to me and remembering all the detail, reflecting my own experience back to me so I was sure of how I felt and allowing me to progress at the pace that suited me at that time.

Bending with the wind (Photo: Andrea Rippon, Norwich)

Bending with the wind (Photo: Andrea Rippon, Norwich)

What do you do differently?

I keep my opinions to myself in the workplace.

If you could gift package one thing you’ve learnt, and give that to a close friend, what would it be?

Look after yourself and make sure you get the outcome that suits you.

Are you continuing to be coached by Andrea? Why?

No, my boss would not provide further financial support to continue.

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