Coaching Case Studies – Feedback

Here are some coaching cases study examples of the work I have done, and am currently doing, with my clients.  I have tried to find a way to preserve confidentiality whilst giving you a flavour of the type of people that come to coaching (all types) and the reasons why they come to coaching (all sorts).

This is is how I asked my Coaching clients for feedback:

“I’m trying to build my Coaching business and wondered if you would write me a testimonial.  I’m trying to be a bit original and also maintain the confidentiality/anonymity of my clients.   So I’ve devised a set of questions (see below).   The rules are loose – answers can be as brief as you want; any questions that you don’t like, leave them; and if you’d rather not answer any, just email me with a ‘not now, thanks’.  If you are able to help me, I’ll include the questions/answers (only) on my website.

…and so what you have on the links below are their words only.

Coaching Case Study Examples

Senior Manager – Commercial Sector: Walk and Talk Coaching, 1.5 hours every 3 months (ongoing)

Support Worker (young homeless people) – Voluntary Sector: Coaching Conversation, 1hr every fornight (ongoing)

Administrative Assistant – Higher Education: Coaching Conversation, 6 x 1 hr (completed)

Project Manager – Commercial Sector: Coaching Conversation, 6 x 1 hr (completed)



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