Life Coach, Parent Coach, Relationship Coach, Work Coach, Career Coach

  • Are you someone looking for answers about a particular problem/issue at home or work?
  • Do you need a professional, objective and confidential ear to talk it through?
  • Do you need advice on how to move forward in your roles at home and/or work?
  • Do you need help with your communication skills?
  • Would you like to talk through the potential that is in you; but that might be blocked for some reason?
  • Would you like to progress in your career, or perhaps change career; and you don’t know where to start?
  • Do you need to resolve a conflict, in yourself or with another person; and each you time try you end up in knots?

The value of talking to someone is being able to hear yourself.

I offer Coaching in three formats:

Walk and Talk

Sit and Talk


Why Coaching?

Coaching gives you an opportunity to identify what you want, where you want to go and how you might get there.  A coach can help you keep on track.  Take a look and find out how the people I have worked with before have benefited from coaching.

Coaching: take the next step (Photo: Andrea Rippon. Dovedale/Derbyshire)

Take the next step. (Photo: Andrea Rippon. Dovedale/Derbyshire)

My role

I will actively listen to you; acknowledging and encouraging you to gain a deeper sense of what it is you are trying to say.  I will draw together threads and patterns which emerge; giving you a different view of your experience, a different perspective for you to explore.

I will respectfully challenge what I hear; if it strikes me as being relevant and in response to what you are saying.

I will offer you the knowledge I have gained, if I think it will help you.  You can choose whether or not to take it.

I believe that, ultimately, you are the expert on yourself.

Your role

The aim is for you to find the answers from within yourself; answers that are based on your values, preferences and unique perspective. These will be the answers that work for you.  The value of talking is being able to hear yourself talk through these options; and once you have explored them all, decisions will follow quite naturally.

Take the next step

You might have a preference for what environment suits you best to talk; our roles will remain the same for each of these options.   If you’re not sure, then give me a call on 07814 735970 and we can consider it together.

Once you have decided which option to go for, we will arrange a mutually beneficial date and time to have our first introductory session.  This will be on the phone, for half an hour and will be free.  It will enable us to confirm that we want to work together; and whether coaching is an appropriate approach to use.

Costs and Terms

If we are both happy to proceed, you will book at least 1 session, which you will pay for and timetable in advance.  The session can be between 1-1.5hrs long.   The cost will be £40 per hour.   This will reduce to £30 per session, if you book in blocks of 3.   You can space your sessions out, as you prefer. Some clients have opted for every fortnight, others every month; whatever would feel most useful to you.

If you cancel within 24 hrs, you lose that session.  If I cancel, then I will give you a refund.  If we give each other more notice than 24hrs, we will rearrange another date.

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