About me

Andrea RipponWelcome.

I’m Andrea Rippon and for 15 years, I have been providing courses/workshops which are grounded in the person centred approach.  This means that I place the person at the centre of all my work.

Join me on one of the courses that you see on this website or, if you prefer one-to-one work, how about some coaching?  I recommend walking and talking.

What other people say:

Andrea’s Coaching left me feeling more confident about myself and less paranoid about the rest of the world.

I feel totally liberated in my thinking.  Andrea’s Person Centred Practice Course is already having a direct impact both personally and in my professional role.

I had 2 amazing win/win scenarios with my 3 year old twins tonight.  I know I would have handled the situation so differently before coming on your Practical Parenting Skills course; I would have just bulldozed my way in and the twins would have ended up in tears.   Instead the problem was easily resolved through using the conflict resolution method we learnt about today, so thank you. 

The best thing about working with Andrea is being trained by a professional who demonstrates knowledge and expertise; but is also open to learn by listening carefully and acknowledging and appreciating our different points of view.

With an academic background (First Class, honours) in the Person Centred Approach, I add knowledge and experience in Emotional Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Appreciative Inquiry, Action Learning, Neuroscience and Mindfulness.

You can find a bit more about my working background and have a look at some recommendations for my work, here

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